Our company is engaged in agribusiness with a great knowledge specialized in the production of high nutritional value foods from Peru.

We are capable of satisfying the requirements of our clients with scientifically maintained proposals as well as with top quality industrial processes that reach major satisfaction and confidence.

Our different processes allow us to reach the widespread expectations of product diversity. We intervene in markets with organic products of high standards and quality.

Our mission is to satisfy the demand of our clients with high nutritional quality products with the best prices in the market; always keeping a high conscience on social responsibility and on the environment.

We aim to be recognized for our quality products, our values and our scientific knowledge that contribute to improving health.

To be recognized as a leader business in the production and commercialization of natural products with high nutritional value.

To be considered in the market for our excellence, good values, personal development and to contribute to the world's diets and health, while protecting the environment.

• Trustworthiness
• Sustainability
• Competitiveness and Efficiency
• Innovation
• Commitment

At Alinap, we are interested in more than just supplying the finest quality Superfoods to our customers. We believe that the fundamental element for our companys success is the strong and positive relationship that we have with the communities that supply us with these exquisite products.

Furthermore, we like to think of our business as a projection of the future that our country deserves. Therefore, we work at the fields to help protect the plants, the land and the quality of the products that we produce. We work to preserve a sustainable source of organic, non-GMO products.