Organic Sacha Inchi Oil

The Sacha Inchi is a vine native to the Peruvian Amazon. The Sacha Inchi plant has been used for thousands of years and was found on the pottery of the Incas that used it for its medicinal properties. The Sacha Inchi oil contains a high percentage of Omega 3 (48%) and Omega 6 (34%) in its natural state and it is the most unsaturated oil of all (93%). Our Inca Inchi Oil is rich in antioxidants: Vitamins A and E (carotene and tocopherols), which preserve its nutritional qualities, its aroma as well as its taste. The technology used on the ecological crops and its industrial process of extraction, make it a high quality oil for dietary and health uses. Our Inca Inchi oil is one of the best oils for human consumption, an excellent table and dressing oil, highly apreciated in gourmet cuisine and has won numerous medals and awards worldwide for its aroma and fresh and light flavor. It is a natural unrefined vegetable free from additives. In the production process, the oil is extracted from selected seeds by cold pressing which helps to prevent the alteration of the quality, using adequate techniques authorized by the norms of food production. The benefits of this oil is that it helps to reduce bad cholesterol, promotes the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, eyes, bones, joints, hair and skin, balances glucose levels and promotes cell regeneration.


Scientific Name:Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo
Common Name:Sacha Inchi Oil
Commercial Name: Inca Inchi Oil
Ingredients:100% Organic Sacha Inchi Oil
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In Peru, in the area of San Martín.


The Inca Inchi Oil has a functionality that allows it to enrich a great variety of food. It can be added to juices and smoothies, used as a dressing for salads as well as used to make raw foods.


The shelf life of the Inca Inchi Oil is 24 months given that the product is stored at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight and below a humidity of 60%.

                   NUTRITIONAL VALUES:

Protein: 0%
Total Fat: 99.78%
Omega 3:
Omega 6:
Omega 9:
Carbohydrates: 0%
Vitamin A(IU):
Vitamin E:
Energy(kcal/100) 382.16