Organic Purple Corn Powder

Purple corn is a subtropical corn variety native to the lower valleys of the Peruvian Andes and its consumption dates back several millennia. In Peru, its consumption is very popular when the corn is boiled and the juice used as a drink known as ´chicha morada´ and as a dessert known as ´mazamorra morada´. Purple Corn Powder is obtained by dehydrating and grinding the whole cob. This corn contains a high content of anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant that prevents cell degradation, inhibits bad cholesterol and improves the blood circulation of the consumer. Anthocyanin can also stimulate connective tissue regeneration and promote the formation of collagen. Purple corn is excellent for fighting arthritis, diabetes and obesity. It also contains phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin and ascorbic acid.


Scientific Name:Zea Mays
Common Name:Purple Corn Powder
Commercial Name: Purple Corn Powder
Ingredients:100% Organic Purple Corn Powder
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In Peru in the regions of Cañete, Canta and Lunahuana.


The Purple Corn Powder has a functionality that allows it to enrich and give color to a great variety of food. It can be added to juices, yoghurts, smoothies, health shakes and used in baking as a substitute for other corn flours.


The shelf life of the Purple Corn Powder is 24 months given that the product is stored at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight and below a humidity of 60%.

                        NUTRITIONAL VALUES:

Protein: 12%
Total Fat: 4%
Carbohydrates: 86%
Sodium: 6.3%
Fibre: 12%
Cholesterol: 0%
Energy(kcal/100) 452